Prostate 70cc

Preoperative demographic and both pre- and post-operative histopathologic parameters were compared among the small prostate (< 40cc), intermediate size (40-70cc), and large prostate (> 70cc) groups. Results: Patients with smaller prostates were younger, had slightly lower BMIs, and lower PSAs than those with smaller prostates (p < 0.001). I have been monitored by Dr. Richard […]

Prostate Quadrants

Prostate volumes were then divided into four quadrants: anterior-superior quadrant (ASQ), posterior-superior quadrant (PSQ), anterior-inferior quadrant (AIQ), and posterior-inferior quadrant (PIQ). Chapter 1 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology. Overview of Anatomy and Physiology • Anatomy – the study of the structure of body parts and their relationships to one another • Gross or macroscopic • […]

Prostate X Challenge

Edmontonians stepped up to the challenge Sunday in support of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Canada hosted Edmonton’s first Step Up Challenge on Sunday. READ MORE: New Edmonton urology clinic a ‘gam. Prostate cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells in the prostate, a small, walnut-shaped gland that encircles the upper urethra in men and produces […]

Treatment Pathway For Prostate Cancer

diagnosis and treatment often mean men have multiple options when choosing. of life beyond treatment. The prostate cancer pathway accounts for the highest. Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) and Transforming Cancer Services Team for London (TCST) commissioned ICF to carry out a short piece of research to analyse the. Prostate Assessment Pathway Information about prostate cancer […]